About Us

I LOVE MY LABRADOODLES !!! I want to introduce you to the amazing breed our family has fallen in love with! I have had dogs all my life; little dogs, big dogs, rescue dogs, mutts, pure breeds, we have had them all!! Our first labradoodle came into our life in 2009 and we began this journey. Since that time we have placed over 75 puppies in their forever homes and watched other families fall in love with their labradoodle just like we did! We fell in love first and foremost with their gentle , loving ,yet playful temperaments. It was the perfect match for our growing family at the time. Secondly they did not have the typical doggy odor I was all too familiar with and they did not shed like all the dogs we had owned previously! That was just icing on the cake! I then realized how smart they were and so easy to train! I began training each of my girls in basic obedience and Canine Good Citizen Certification.Our girl Treasure had such an amazing temperament , I decided to pursue training as a therapy dog. She is now a nationally certified therapy dog and makes visits with me to the local hospital and retirement homes. She is our current breeding female. She has a beautiful dense fleece coat with chocolate and white parti coloring. We are thrilled with her amazing temperament and coat to pass on to her puppies. We have retained a couple of her puppies as future breeders in our program and are excited to continue this amazing line of labradoodles! 

Our Breeding Program

We pride ourselves on providing a small family owned breeding program where each and every puppy is born and raised here in our home and not in a kennel. Our breeding female lives with us here in our home and is given the best care throughout her pregnancy and during and after delivery. We implement the early neurological stimulation program from day 3-16 with each of our puppies to stimulate their nervous system for optimal socialization as they grow. They are introduced to typical household sounds as well as handling by our 4 children during their first 8 weeks of life. Before they go home , they are introduced to both crate and dog door training. By the time they leave they are consistently keeping their crate clean and going outside to potty and play daily! All puppies go home at 8 weeks of age after they have been weaned from their mom. We do have a relationship with a professional trainer who can provide a puppy boot camp for interested families who want a puppy who has begun basic obedience training before coming home. 

All of our breeding dogs are fully health tested according to industry standards. 

About the Breed

The Australian Labradoodle breed began in the 1980’s when an Australian breeder of guide dogs, Wally Conran, sought to breed an allergy friendly guide dog for a vision impaired woman in Hawaii. The result was an allergy/asthma friendly dog that had a temperament appropriate for service dog training. Careful attention to maintaining consistent coats and temperaments in the breeding practices of the Australian Labradoodle has led to the amazing breed we are enjoying today. They continue to make incredible companion dogs as well as trained therapy and service dogs.

Their temperament as described by the ALAA(Australian Labradoodle Association of America) is “extremely clever, sociable, comical, and joyful. Energetic when free and quiet when handled. Should approach people in a happy friendly manner. Keen and easy to train. Should display an intuition about emotional state of family members or handler’s current emotional state or needs. This ability to ‘know’ is what has made the Australian Labradoodle an excellent dog for individuals with special needs.”

The Australian Labradoodle comes in 3 sizes, miniature(15-25 pounds), medium (25-40 pounds), and standard(40-65 pounds).

The Australian Labradoodle coat should be non-shedding and easily maintained. They can be fleece or wool and be straight, wavy or curly. They should be soft and not harsh to the touch.